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Introducing One New Baker, Two New Flavors, and a Special 10% Discount Deal

We hope you like the new look of our cookies! Actually, we hope you haven’t noticed any change in them at all. The only reason we mention it is that we’ve started working with a new baker. We still use only the finest of ingredients and the exact same original recipes — there’s no change there — and we still bake all of our cookies in America — we’d be fools to ever change that — but just as no two snowflakes are ever the same, no two bakers will ever be exactly the same, either.

So far, extensive beta-testing of the new cookies with “unbiased” taste testers (we’ll spare you all the pictures of the ever-so-sad puppy-dog eyes of the control group that was fed only placebos), conclusively show little or no difference, with a slight preference for the new baker. Those must’ve been midwestern dogs, who somehow smelled a bit of home cooking in their cookies, because that’s where the new baker is located — a little bit outside the great (and windy) city of Chicago.

In addition to the fact that our new baker can replicate the great taste of My Doggy Soft Baked Cookies, there were other considerations and advantages to making the move toward the middle of the continent. One is that a more centralized source site equalizes the shipping costs somewhat by bringing the cookies closer to their consumers (on average) so west coasters aren’t carrying all of the burden when it comes to “paying the freight.”

Two, since only bankers are capable of living on bread alone,* there are culinary advantages in addition to economic ones. This new baker has a large kitchen that give us the flexibility we need when it comes to introducing new flavors, sizes, and who knows what else. As proof, be on the look out for two new no-wheat flavors, Peanut Butter Banana and Sweet Potato Cinnamon, plus mini treats! As always, they’ll all have our “Paw of Approval” promise that says that we make everything we bake the best it can be.

Here’s where it gets good, folks!  

With our cookies now being baked in and shipped from the Chicago area, we don’t need to keep a second warehouse in Pennsylvania. The Assortment Multi-Pacs of all sizes stored in the Keystone state have to be moved. It’s cheaper for us (and cheaper to you) if we sell them and ship them once, rather than ship them to Chicago, sell them from there, and then ship them a second time to the final destination. So, this is our proposal: You save us money/We’ll save you money. How do you like it?

Until they’re gone, we’ll discount any order on Assortment Multi-Pacs by 10%. To get this special price, all you have to do is to call the Top Dog, Neal Sprafkin himself, at 315-753-0520, or email him at customerservice@doggy2.stlgo.com. (Unfortunately, we can’t make this offer through our on-line sales system, because those orders will be routed to the Chicago bakery.) By necessity, this is a limited time offer, because we have to vacate the old warehouse soon, so please give us a call or email your order before May 20th.

* I hope there’re some old hippies out there that appreciate that wickedly bad word play.

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