2023 Winter Cookie Design Contest


My Doggy Winter Gingerbread And/Or Honey Sesame Flavor Cookie Design Contest!
Put your creative design hat on (and hopefully get your dog to too)!
Play to win a prize of $75 and the admiration of all your friends!


Here are the contest details: 


-Create (we suggest with your dog’s help…) a design with My Doggy’s Gingerbread and/or Honey Sesame Flavors. Captions are encouraged!

-Order the amount of gingerbread and/or honey sesame flavors you think you’ll need to create the winning design. Then, when done, have your dog(s) enjoy the spoils of your labors.  


-Enter your design by sending it in as a jpeg, git, png or pdf file to customerservice@mydoggy.com. Please put in the subject line: My Doggy Winter Cookie Contest.

Please provide your name and phone number.


-Designs should be “clean”; a 6 year old will be one of the judges. Please no crude images, language, innuendos, etc. (while probably not necessary to spell out with our audience, we just want to be thorough; thanks in advance!)  


-The top 2 designs will each win $75 (cash or the equivalent in My Doggy product, your choice)  


Contest runs from now until February 17th (this will give folks time to get product to work with and submit). Judging will be done the week of February 24th and the winners will be announced Monday, February 27th.  


-All entrants will get a coupon to use for a future order. In addition, all entries, unless requested otherwise, will be “hung” in our 2023 Winter Cookie Design Contest page on our site.


Below is an example of a sample entry plus the fine print regarding the contest.


Please email us at customerservice@mydoggy.com or call at 315-753-0520 with any questions.


Good luck and we look forward to seeing what you and your dog(s) come up with! 



The My Doggy Team

Entry Example:
Contest Fine Print: 

-Only one entry per household permitted.
-Gingerbread and/or Honey Sesame flavors are the only flavors that are allowed to be used for this contest.
Future contests will likely use other flavor combinations.
Contest flavors can be used individually or in combination.
-For this contest, designs should use only cookies with no use of yogurt and/or any other supports or additional materials.
Future contests may incorporate these elements.
Broken cookies may be be incorporated if designer wants.
-For the gingerbread, cookies for the contest can be ordered in a 5 oz bag (10-12 cookies), 2lb bag (64-66) cookies and 5lb bag (160-162). The gingerbread flavor will also be at the regular flavor pricing for the duration of the contest!  
-The Honey Sesame flavor comes in a 10oz bag (20-22 cookies), 2lb bag (64-66) cookies and 5lb bag (160-162).  
-We are not intellectual property gurus; entrants will be responsible to use their judgement in submitting designs that are of their own creation and do not run afoul of any trademark or related issues.
-Design must not be offensive in anyway. My Doggy reserves the right to reject any entry it deems offensive.
-Terms and conditions for this contest may be modified in the future. All changes will be listed on this page.