Be Good for Goodness Sake

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Dogs can have deeply philosophical thoughts.
Did you know that?

Think about the Christmas season for a moment. Does your dog believe in Santa Claus? It might be kind of hard to phrase the question in a manner in which your dog can understand it — not to mention how difficult it might be to correctly interpret the response. So, let’s move on to something simpler …

Does your dog believe that it’s been a good boy or good girl — all year long? Does it believe that it deserves more treats at Christmas time? Undoubtedly, the answer would be in the affirmative.

But, if you’re not sure, try this: Hold out a My Doggy Soft-Baked Cookie in one hand and a lump of coal in the other. Then, see which one your dog chooses. We’re willing to bet that it will be the cookie (you’ll have to burn that lump of coal in your fat pot-bellied stove, if you have one).

Dogs clearly understand and appreciate the spirit of giving that pervades the holiday season. Wouldn’t your dog want you to keep the spirit of Christmas alive every day of the year?

We and the doggies are looking forward to an exciting, treat-filled 2016, and we’ll be right there with you, providing our classic line of treats, plus some new innovations. As you place your orders, remember: 2016 will be one year for you, but seven years on the canine calendar!

Wishing you happy howl-idays, and a healthy, happy, and successful New Year. Make that seven successful New Year’s, in a dog’s life.

Neal Sprafkin and the My Pet Enterprises Family

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