Box Bashing Beats Winter Blues

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When Ellen wrote to us to tell us how her Ganaraskan combatted cabin fever, we wondered… was she entering our Combating Cabin Fever contest, or was she entering our Strangest Name for a Breed of Dogs contest? (That’s quite a mouth full isn’t it?! To give a “bark out” to our acronym-heavy world, LOL anyone?!, we’ll use SNBD for the rest of the article.) One of us was certain that Ganaraskan must be a breed of cats,* but that is another story.

Fortunately we remembered in time that we weren’t holding a SNBD contest, so we awarded Ellen the coveted Cabin Fever Mini-Treat Prize, treats just the right size for Emmy. Here’s Ellen’s solution to keeping Emmy active and entertained during the time that sometimes finds us all going a bit crazy from being cooped up:

Combating Canine Cabin Fever Here in Michigan:

We pack nested boxes with treats inside, stuffing the spaces with packing paper, reused of course, and taping the boxes shut with masking tape. Emmy, our Ganaraskan, tears the boxes apart to get to the treats [presumably MyDoggy Cookies]. She also enjoys the destruction for its own sake (corrugated cardboard appears to be the most satisfying). This really tires her out!

Ellen, Ypsilanti, Michigan

Congratulations, Ellen! By the way, we suggest that you do not leave any gift-wrapped packages unattended for any length of time.

*Disclaimer: If you harbor any doubt concerning a Ganaraskan’s eligibility to win the contest, click here to find irrefutable proof that a Ganaraskan is definitely not a cat.

–Barker, Woofer, Howler & Sniffy, Esq.

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