How to Combat Canine Cabin Fever

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  Does Your Dog Have Canine Cabin Fever? Question 1: Is your dog earning fewer treats because it’s mistreating the furniture? Question 2: Is it barking, just to hear itself bark? Question 3: Is it behaving like it’s never been taught how to behave? If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then your dog could […]

One Giant Schnauzer at the Wheel

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A Russian dog circled the earth in the sixties aboard a Soviet spacecraft. Now, a trio of canines from the Commonwealth may have surpassed them, motoring a modified Mini Cooper (engineers raised the gearshift and pedals, and added handles to make the steering wheel easier to grasp) around a racetrack at an astounding 20 miles […]

How to Train with My Doggy Soft Baked Cookies

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Thanks to Chris N. for sharing these wonderful tips about training with us: “If there’s one foolproof way to get your dog’s undivided attention, whether giving simple commands or coaxing your best friend to jump through rings of fire, the promise of a delicious treat works wonders. Dogs may be simple, but they’re not stupid. […]