We Have a Winner!

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Last month, on St. Patrick’s Day, we sent out the “March Mysterious-ness” edition of the My Doggy newsletter. In it, we thanked Bark Box for choosing our Peanut Butter Minis to share with their subscribers, and we solved the mystery of the March Bark Box theme. The theme turned out to be Sherlock Bones. Then, we presented […]

Box Bashing Beats Winter Blues

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When Ellen wrote to us to tell us how her Ganaraskan combatted cabin fever, we wondered… was she entering our Combating Cabin Fever contest, or was she entering our Strangest Name for a Breed of Dogs contest? (That’s quite a mouth full isn’t it?! To give a “bark out” to our acronym-heavy world, LOL anyone?!, we’ll use SNBD […]

Win Free Mini Treats

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A year ago, around Halloween quite coincidentally, we held a canine in costume contest and awarded a bag of My Doggy Soft-Baked Cookies to Toby, who managed to get himself dressed up as a speed skater. It may have been the fact that 2014 was a winter olympics year that determined the nature of his […]

Toby the Speed Skater Returns as Toby the Elf!

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As previously announced, Toby won My Doggy’s October drawing by having his human pal, Kelli, send us a photo of him dressed as a speed skater. We sent Toby five Holiday Mix treats. Upon receiving the Holiday Mix bags, Toby dropped the speed skater charade and has revealed his true personality. Toby is an Elf. […]

Why is Pumpkin Purée Part of a Healthy Canine Diet?

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It’s November, so we’re moving along from carved pumpkins to canned pumpkin. Canned pumpkin is not just for pies, it makes a good canned dog food, too! Pumpkin is good for a dog’s digestive tract. It’s naturally high in fiber, so it helps to cure canine constipation. On the flip side of the coin, if […]

Toby the Gold Medalist

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In last month’s email newsletter we asked readers to send us a picture of their doggy in a Halloween costume for the chance to win a prize. Congratulations to Toby, dressed as a Olympic gold-medal winning speed skater, and thanks to Kelli Walters for posting a picture of Toby on our Facebook page. Kelli tells […]