Cheesy Cookies Earn Rave Reviews

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Cheesy flavored My Doggy Soft Baked Cookies went out in July’s Circus-themed BarkBox, and the rave reviews are rolling in. The reviews have all been favorable, so this is going over well in the boardroom, which, since we’re a small company, is really just the Big Dog’s kennel — err — Neal’s office. But, there have been some rumblings coming from the stockroom. Cheesy is pleased by the attention, naturally. The other flavors are … how shall we say this? … getting jealous?

You see, the new flavors are nervous, wondering how they’ll break into such a star-studded lineup and whether or not they’ll be able to measure up. The older flavors, some of which have not yet been reviewed with an online comment, are wondering why they’ve been overlooked. And, Peanut Butter, which has ruled the roost in terms of sales almost forever, is starting to think he might be displaced, losing his title as the king of taste.

Ahhh, there is a solution, folks! And, you are it. If you have a favorite flavor of My Doggy Soft Baked Cookie, even if it is Cheesy, go the flavor’s page on the My Doggy website, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and write a review. You’ll definitely get a personal reply — a bark back from the Big Dog himself. (He reads them all, you know.) And, you’ll be entered in our monthly drawing to win a 5 lb. bag of — you guessed it — the flavor that you reviewed, of course. Ready, set, type!

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