Collection: My Doggy Pawprint Cookies - Training Size Collection

Our training treat size is about a dime in diameter. This size is useful for training, snacks, little rewards and gifts. Breaks easily.

Comes in our top three flavors: Apple Honey, Cheesy and Peanut Butter.

3 size packages to choose from:

-5oz pouch - Resealable. Great to take on the road so snacks are always available.

-2lb bulk bag - Resealable. Nice size to provide a little inventory on hand for awhile for small dogs and a few weeks for larger dogs. 

-5lb bulk bag - Resealable. Perfect to have on hand so always in stock. Particularly good if have multiple dogs and/or share with friends. 

Unopened, bags should have shelf life as indicated by Best By date. After best by date, cookies should be fine; only difference is they may be harder than original.

Once opened and exposed to air, cookies semi-softness may decrease over time.

Customers over the years have found refrigerating and/or freezing cookies can extend life of cookie. If you choose to do this, please wrap in air tight and/or freezer storage bag or container.