Collection: My Doggy Pawprint Cookie Treats for Dogs - Seasonal Collection

Available on a seasonal basis, these delicious paw print cookie treats for dogs are in stock for a limited time during the year. Look out for our Carrot Oatmeal Ginger Recipe in the winter, Our Honey Sesame Recipe in the Summer and our Sweet Potato and Cinnamon in the Fall.

Year round, we work to keep your dogs happy with a little refreshing new taste!

As with all our treats, these are easy to break, super tasty and made from healthy infused ingredients. Great for dogs of all ages.

3 size packages to choose from:

-10oz pouch - Resealable. Great to take on the road so snacks are always available. Also good for smaller dogs and/or useful size to try a new flavor.

-2lb bulk bag - Resealable. Nice size to provide a little inventory on hand for awhile for small dogs and a few weeks for larger dogs. 

-5lb bulk bag - Resealable. Perfect to have on hand so always in stock. Particularly good if have multiple dogs and/or share with friends. 

Unopened, bags should have shelf life as indicated by Best By date. After best by date, cookies should be fine; only difference is they may be harder than original.

Once opened and exposed to air, cookies semi-softness may decrease over time.

Customers over the years have found refrigerating and/or freezing cookies can extend life of cookie. If you choose to do this, please wrap in air tight and/or freezer storage bag or container.