Dog Days at Dilworth Park

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The Big Dog and a few other My Pet Enterprises pack members descended upon Dilworth Park (in Philadelphia) during the Dog Days of August. Their three-day mission: To seek out dogs deserving of treats and to boldly satisfy those dogs’ collective canine cookie cravings.

The visit coincided with National Dog Day, which was held on August 26th this year. When we heard about it, we just had to be a part of it and were delighted to be included among the Dog Days’ sponsors. Participating partners brought valuable information on animal health, safety, and adoption options. One offered puppy pedicures, in the form of free nail trimmings for dogs. My Pet Enterprises brought free sample bags of treats! (An ongoing sponsor of the park, TD Bank, provides bags in the designated “Pooch Patch” areas which dog walkers can use to cache the deposits their pets would otherwise leave behind.)

National Dog Day, founded by Colleen Paige, has been around for more than a decade, celebrating dogs and promoting dog rescue and adoptions. Until now, it’s always been observed on August 26th. But to avoid drawing attention away from Women’s Equality Day, which shares the date, Dog Day is being moved to August 31st — which still qualifies as one of the Dog Days of Summer.

At the My Pet Enterprises table, we entertained a steady stream of visitors, curious dog owners and hungry hounds, many of the latter sporting nice new nail jobs. We gave away plenty of My Doggy Soft-Baked Dog Cookies. People were pleased to learn of their all-natural natures, their all-American origins, and the availability of wheat-free options for sensitive dogs.

The dogs, for their part, didn’t care about anything, except that the treats tasted good, and if they were good themselves, they might get more. Some dogs came back every day that we were there (see Fido, pictured to the right above). Some decided that they could do better than returning daily, they could eliminate the down time by not leaving our table. To them, we say, “Thanks for the compliment — but, we don’t want to cause you to have divided loyalties. You should go with your human companion, when he or she calls you.”


In our “Count the Cookies” contest, we gave away a free five pound bag (any flavor) to whomever guessed the number of cookies we crammed into a cookie jar. Congratulations go out to Tamika Seagraves, whose guess-timate of 120 was only five away from the actual amount, which was 115.

The winner of our “review that flavor” competition was Cory Kross, who added a five-star review to the Peanut Butter website page.

Performing Pet Trick Contest

Do you make videos of your dog doing tricks? Maybe the one where you place a My Doggy Cookie on her nose, and she flips if off and catches it? What’s the funniest trick you performing pet can do? Post your trick involving a My Doggy Cookie on You Tube, send us the link, and we’ll enter you in the monthly drawing.

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