Dogaholics Anonymous

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Hello, my name is Judy and I’m a dog lover. I also love to treat the dogs I love with a dog treat from time to time. Before I found out about My Doggy Soft Cookies, I would get free dog treats from my bank whenever I stopped in to make a banking transaction. I’d share them with the family dog, dogs that I’d meet out on the street with their owners, and even with the neighbor’s dog, as a bribe so I could work in my backyard in peace (and quiet)!

Since I got a bag of My Doggy Dog Cookies, I’ve been sharing those instead. All the dogs love these cookies. They definitely prefer them over the other treats. The family dog used to take the other treats and hide them, before coming back for more. I don’t know if I ever actually saw him eat one. With the My Doggy Dog Cookie, he devours it — there’s no other word for it — then he stares at the bag until I give him another one.

A couple of weeks ago, I was out in the country, visiting my friend — let’s call her Jane, because that’s her name — and getting to know her horse, Ziggy. Naturally, while I was there, Jane introduced me to all of her animals, including her dog. Equally naturally, I introduced her to the My Doggy Dog Cookies. Being a bit of a natural food nut, she wanted to check the list of ingredients and find a wheat-free treat to pass along to her pet and her friend’s pets. So, we looked at the ingredients in the Dried Cranberry/Apple Honey Cookies. Then, we compared it to the list of ingredients in the treat that she usually gives. What a difference! The My Doggy Dog Cookies’ ingredient list was all of six items long, and all of them were recognizable as foods — no fancy flavorings or unpronounceable chemical preservatives or anything like that — just good stuff. The other treat’s ingredient list just went on and on, making us both wonder why it needed so many things just to make it pleasing to our pets’ particular palates. So much for my idea of distributing a few cookies at a time, Jane insisted on purchasing the entire bag of Cran/Apple Cookies right then and there!

The long and the short of it is that we both concluded that bigger is not always better, especially when it comes to lists of ingredients on products that we give to the dogs that are dearest to us. Healthy food lovers look for the short list of ingredients, and healthy dog-treat lovers will certainly approve of the short list of ingredients found on My Doggy Cookies.

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