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    "Are you the same site & company as"

    For those of you who are wondering, we are not

    This is a totally different website and company that does not, as of this writing, have a phone number.

    They sell dog jackets and other apparel. We are not affiliated with them in any way.

    Who are we? We’re My Doggy ( of course! We, 25+ years and counting, manufacture and sell super tasty, uniquely semi soft paw print shaped cookie treats for dogs. These are the best treats in the market! Have your favorite pooch try our delicious treats; we’re sure he or she will back us up on this point!

    If you have mistakenly come to our site looking for the folks at, we understand the best way to reach them is via their contact page:

    We hope this helps those looking to get in touch with

    "Do you have a restocking charge?"

    In very extra-ordinary instances would there be a restocking fee considered.

    "Do I have to pay sales tax on my order?"

    Currently, customers are charged sales tax on our products in Illinois and Pennsylvania.  This is done in accordance in compliance with all relevant regulations and rules issued by these states’ respective tax authorities.

    "Will I get tracking information for my shipment?"

    Yes.  To ensure this occurs, please make sure your email address is active and that you key it in correctly.

    "I live in another country and want to place an order, can I?"

    Yes.  Currently, for this type of order we work with you on an individual basis to give you a customized shipping quote based on your location, amount of product, etc.  To this end, please fill in as much information as possible on the order form and we will follow up with you.

    "I need to overnight my shipment, can I do that?"

    Yes.  Please contact us by phone at 315-753-0520 if you would like to do this.

    "How are My Doggy products shipped?"

    We ship via UPS or USPS.

    "Are My Doggy’s products made in the USA?"

    Yes. The majority of our ingredients are sourced in the United States. The palm oil is sustainably sourced.

    "Other than My Doggy’s peanut butter flavor, do any of the other flavors have nuts in them?"

    No.  However, all the cookies are made in a setting where other products are made with nuts, milk, and other baking materials.

    "Is My Doggy’s peanut butter flavor safe?"

    Yes.  We contacted our vendor on the brand we use and they sent us an assurance letter from the manufacturer that the peanut butter that is used is safe and had not been part of any of the recalls which took place several years ago.

    "How many cookies should I feed my dog?"

    Our products are treats and are meant for supplemental feeding.  Therefore we encourage stretching out the consumption of the cookies to no more than a few a day.  For advice specific to your pet’s dietary profile & needs, we suggest you consult with your veterinarian.

    "Is there any way I can extend the shelf life of the product?"

    We know a number of customers, particularly with our bulk sizes, who will either separate the bulk into smaller bags and/or put the entire bag into the freezer and take out cookies when needed.

    "What is the shelf-life of My Doggy products?"

    Unopened & stored properly (bread pantry, drawer, etc.), 6-8 months. If opened and exposed to air, like any other human grade cookie, the cookies will keep for several weeks.

    "What are My Doggy’s product sizes?"

    My Doggy soft-baked cookies come in three different sizes:

    1. 10-oz. stand up pouch with ziploc – there are ~23-25 cookies in each bag.
    2. 2-lb bulk ziploc bag – there are ~64-66 cookies in each bag.
    3. 5-lb bulk ziploc bag – there are ~162-166 cookies in each bag.

    My Doggy protein cookies come in an 8-oz. stand up pouch with ziploc

    My Doggy training treats come in two sizes:

    1. 5-oz. stand up pouch with ziploc
    2. 5-lb bulk ziploc bag

    "Are My Doggy products wheat-free?"

    Yes, all My Doggy products are wheat, corn, and soy free.

    "Are My Doggy products gluten-free?"

    No, not at this time.

    "Are My Doggy products organic?"

    Our products are made in a bakery from all natural ingredients, but they are not organic.