How to Combat Canine Cabin Fever

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Does Your Dog Have Canine Cabin Fever?
Question 1:
 Is your dog earning fewer treats because it’s mistreating the furniture?
Question 2: Is it barking, just to hear itself bark?
Question 3: Is it behaving like it’s never been taught how to behave?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then your dog could have a sad case of seasonal adjustment depression, or, as amateur animal analysts call it, Canine Cabin Fever. In other words, your pet is bored. (If the only question that was answered with a yes was question #1, then we, being in the treat business, share your dog’s depression more than you will ever know.)

So, how do we exercise our dogs when one look at the thermometer is enough to take our breath away, freeze it right in front of our faces, and drop it on the ground where it shatters like fine crystal? The answer may be as simple as making up your own exercise routine. Let’s look at three options.

dogshoppingAnswer 1: Take a Walk Indoors
If you can’t take a walk outside, try taking one inside. A lot of pet stores permit pets to come in and explore the aisles, as long as they’re accompanied and on a leash, of course. Provided that the store is not closed due to a blizzard.

dogballdownstairsAnswer 2: How about running steps?
You don’t need a fancy machine for your dog (that would be getting one step ahead of ourselves in the idea department). All you need are some stairs, a dog that likes to fetch, and  ball or a toy that will survive repeated battering as it tumbles down the steps. Toss the toy. The dog chases, the dog retrieves, the dog climbs back up the stairs. You take the soggy toy, and repeat, until you get a tired dog (eventually). And, a tired dog is a happy dog!

#3 Treadmill Training
Last, but not least, we have an idea we borrowed from the Jetsons. It’s the dog on the treadmill, minus the crazed cat and the soon-to-be-injured George. With the proper encouragement, (which is how we circle back to My Doggy Soft-Baked Cookie treats, especially the mini-size), dogs can be trained to use a treadmill. Just keep the speed under control, so Astro isn’t forced to bark out any four-legged epithets along the lines of “Jane, stop this crazy thing!”

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How Did You Conquer Canine Cabin Fever?

Feel free to share your stories of “How We Conquered Canine Cabin Fever.” Best story wins a sample of each flavor of mini-treats, a great Valentine’s Day treat for your sweetie!



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