It’s Bundle Time!!

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My Doggy has teamed up with Wild Heart Co. to bring dog owners the perfect fall bundle.

Fall is a wonderful season with its mix of weather (rain, mud, snow occasionally…) and where being outside and burning lots of calories is the norm.

To keep your dogs paws clean and tummies sated during this time of year, try two of the best pet products on the market with Wild Heart Co.’s patented Brushless Paw Wash & Mitt Combo Pack and My Doggy’s super tasty, Soft-Baked Peanut Butter Cookies!

Here’s what your dog gets:

1. Wild Heart Co.’s Paw Wash & Mitt Combo Pack: The original patented Brushless Paw Wash is a fast and efficient way to keep your dog’s paws clean. Use The Paw Wash at home or on the go. Perfect for traveling, hiking or trips to the dog park.

The unique hourglass design creates a cleaning solution vortex, scrubbing away dirt, mud, bacteria and allergens in seconds. The Paw Wash is also great to use for soaking hurt or irritated paws with medications. Quickly dry all four clean paws with the Microfiber Mitt.

2. My Doggy Peanut Butter Soft-Baked Cookies: Uniquely semi-soft (which is great for dogs of all ages), this super tasty paw print shaped treat is made from the best ingredients in the USA and is wheat, corn and soy free. Our peanut butter flavor is our most popular and dogs, 22+ years and counting, clamor for this delicious morsel.

A super bundle at a super price (20% off) plus free shipping! Jump into fall with these two great products.

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