March Madness

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Princess Wile E.

If you received our March Newsletter, then you know that we are going to host our own March Madness Sweet Sixteen Taste-off to seek ideas for new My Doggy Soft-Baked Cookie Flavors. My Doggy will be fielding its eight flavors. We need eight more flavors to join the sweet sixteen for a true taste-off. We’re looking for competitors from across the country, so send us your ideas for flavors that you think can win the competition. Pick a grain, a fruit or veggie, and an herb or spice, or even a meat, and build your own flavor. If the champion is a flavor that you sent in, you’ll win a big bag of My Doggy Cookies. If the flavor idea finds favor with the My Pet Enterprises Approvers, who knows? It may even be put into production.

Today, we welcome our first entry from a wily contestant, Wile E. (pictured above). As you can guess from her picture, Wile E. hails from the West (West Philadelphia, that is).

Wile E.’s New Flavor entry:
Grain: Rice
Meat: Turkey
Veggie: Broccoli
Flavor Name: “Princess Flavor”

Post your pooch’s New Flavor idea here, on Facebook or Twitter, or email it to Stay tuned to find out if you’re the winner!

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