My Doggy Ingredient Profile: Peanut Butter

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Probably it’s no surprise to anyone or any dog, that peanut butter is the paws down favorite flavor here at My Doggy!

We’ve gotten many questions over the years about peanut butter and below are our answers.

  • Is peanut butter healthy for dogs?

Yes, peanut butter does have a lot of benefits for our favorite pet members of the family such as being high in protein, containing healthy fats plus having vitamins B, E and niacin (another name for B3). 

However, like any treat, which is what peanut butter comes in here (our super tasty paw print cookie), it needs to be consumed in moderation.

  • Is there anything I should be worried about regarding peanut butter?

Keep in mind, peanut butter for dogs should never have xylitol in it as this is a sweetener that is toxic for dogs.

Peanut butter should also avoid having extra salt or other things added to it.

*Our peanut butter has none of these and is all natural, all peanut butter.*

  • Suggested next steps?

If your dog has not tried our peanut butter flavor, definitely go here to order a bag or two.

If you and your dog want to learn about the interesting history of peanut butter (among other tidbits, the modern version of peanut butter has not been around for too long. Also, like many items, it has various origin stories), take a peek at the National Peanut Board or, of course, Wikipedia’s entry.

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Our Ingredient Profile is a blog series that regularly takes a deeper dive into the delicious ingredients that go into our uniquely semi-soft, super tasty paw print shaped cookie treats for dogs.

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