New! Soft-Baked Mini-Cookies

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We looked at our product line and saw that we had a variety of flavors to offer, that come in a variety of sizes of bags. But the cookies were all the same size! Thus, we made up our minds to offer a variety of sizes of cookies, too. Introducing Mini Treats!

Mini Treats are smaller versions of three of our most popular flavors — Peanut Butter, Cheesy, and Apple Honey. They can be given to smaller dogs without having to be broken into smaller pieces. Alternatively, they can be given more frequently to any sized dog, which would make them ideal rewards in training situations. It takes lots of Mini Treats to equal one regular sized cookie.

Mini Treats come in 5 oz. bags for the time being. One key fact to take note of is that ALL of the Mini Treats are WHEAT-FREE. You would expect that from Cheesy and Apple Honey, because their forebears are wheat-free. The original Peanut Butter is not wheat-free, but its Mini Treat incarnation is wheat-free — same great flavor, just a slightly different recipe.

If you have a diminutive dog, a need for treats for training, or a hankering for Wheat-Free Peanut Butter treats for your dog with discerning taste, order some Mini Treats now!

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