Ordering Obstacles Overcome

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Apologies go out to everyone who encountered our online ordering system’s misbehavior last week, and thanks to the two concerned customers who alerted us to the problem. If only our computers performed for us as faithfully as our best-behaved four-legged friends!

Unfortunately, some unexpected “improvements” made to our website’s software turned out to be more like new obstacles added to an agility training course. Fortunately, an old dog like us can learn some new tricks.  We tagged our IT webmaster, who was able to train our online ordering page to overcome the new obstacles, complete the processing of your order with new-found agility, and, to make a long story short, everything is working again. All is right with the world, and dogs everywhere may start rejoicing!

Once again, our apologies to all of those of you who were affected by this bug.  Be sure to alert us right away if you spot any more ordering system misbehavior.

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