The My Doggy Story

My Doggy Soft-Baked Cookies were first created in 1996 by Barbara Sprafkin.  At that time, Barbara faced a serious dilemma; She could not find a healthy, all natural and tasty treat for “her boys” Patcho, the lovable Lab, and JD, the boisterous Basset Hound.

picture of bassett hound named JD and labrador retriever named Patcho

As a result, together with her entrepreneurial spirit, moxie and vision, Barbara created her own line of high quality treats for them, otherwise known as My Doggy Soft-Baked Cookies.  The business was born!

picture of paw print cookiepicture of My Doggy logo - orange background, white print

While Barbara passed away in 2006, her spirit is very much present as her son Neal (who, as way of introduction, at one time considered veterinary school and, for you accomplishment minded types out there, was the President and CEO of his Zoology Club many years ago…) runs the company now.  Neal actively strives and shares his mom’s vision to bring My Doggy Soft Baked Cookies to every dog that deserves a treat.  And let’s be honest, don’t they all??!!

The cookies are made with the best ingredients and every treat is stamped with its own My Doggy of Approval® which is our promise to you and your pets:


The My Doggy Paw of Approval® Promise

To commemorate and continue the reason our company was originally founded and has since prospered: every single product we produce is made, stamped and sealed with the My Doggy Paw of Approval® that guarantees we manufacture and produce the best products for our pet members of the family.