New Flavors Win Paws of Approval

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By now, you’ve probably heard or read (on our blog or in our newsletter) that My Doggy Pet Enterprises is rolling out a pair of new flavors. You also know that, before any flavor can be released for casual canine consumption — even flavors as tasty-sounding as Peanut Butter Banana No Wheat and Sweet Potato Cinnamon No Wheat — they had to have earned the “Paws of Approval” stamped into each and every one of them. Here’s the report on how these two new flavors earned their stripes, err stamps.

The Top Dog and several members of the My Pet Enterprises Team headed over to Philadelphia’s Clark Park, a neighborhood gathering place for both the two-legged and four-legged crowds, for its annual May Fair, looking for doggy taste testers to give us their spontaneous and unrehearsed, open and honest opinions. While there, we met more than thirty dogs, big and small, and their owners, ditto, with the dogs having palates that ranged in sensitivity everywhere from “eats anything” to “very picky.” We passed out dozens of samples and noted all reactions, pre-, post-, and everything in between. When the results came in, which didn’t take very long with these respondents, because they hid absolutely nothing from us, both flavors were major hits across all types of dogs. In fact, over 90% gave both flavors their paws of approval, while the other 10% chose to take their samples home for further testing.

All in all, we had a great time in the park. We met lots of dogs and people. Some already knew about us and our products, which comes as great news to us. A lot more know about us now, which we think is even better. Thanks to everyone who participated, and to all the dogs who helped Peanut Butter Banana and Sweet Potato Cinnamon earn their places in the pantheon of approved My Doggy All-Natural Soft-Baked Cookies flavors.

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