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In our last blog post (and newsletter) we shared story about sharing My Doggy cookies. We got another hartwarming story about sharing cookies right away — from Mary Jo C. — and we can’t resist sharing it with you!

“Hello! I do have a very nice story regarding the Paw Prints cookies. I have a Westie named Piper, and she adores the Multi Pac and all of the yummy flavors. She bought a bag of these cookies for a very good friend of ours. His name is Brett, and he is a very sweet Dachsund who recently injured his back. He is no longer able to use his hind legs, even though his Mom and Dad worked very hard to help him via surgery and daily rehab and excercise.

Mom and Dad purchased a little cart with wheels for Brett so that he could get around on his own. Brett did not like the cart, but with the help of Piper’s gift of “Paw Print” cookies, he is much more enthusiastic in his efforts. Brett’s family says the cookies are a very important part of his rehab, and they make him very happy.”

Mary Jo C., Pittsburgh

Thanks for sharing, Mary Jo and Piper! We hope all of you cookie-sharers out there will send us some more stories.

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