The Champion

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The March Flavor Face-off has crowned a new champion! In the early rounds, defending champion Peanut Butter looked like it was going to crush all of the cookie competition crossing its path. Obviously, it wasn’t counting on the judges deciding that they needed a change of taste. After surviving a close encounter with Cheesy No-Wheat, Cran-Apple No Wheat came on strong to take the Authentic Flavors bracket and set up a match-up that few fans anticipated when they filled out their brackets at the beginning of the March Mouthwatering Madness tournament.

On the other side of the bracket, in the Fantasy Flavors division, everybody knew coming in that anything could happen. It would just be a matter of seeing which combinations came together to catch that elusive lightning in a bottle and make a big run toward a possible title and maybe even a colorful label to hang on a bag of their own when it is all over. They were all dreaming big, but would they have the big bold taste that they needed to earn a place in the My Doggy product line?

The first round was a big shocker and a major bracket buster for those playing along at home. Potato-Cabbage was a long shot, and nobody was surprised to see it exiting the tournament early. Instead, it was the complete failure of any of the favored cheese flavors to advance that caught everyone off guard. The next round saw two tilts matching meats vs sweets. Elvis’ favorite, Peanut Butter Banana, lost to a balanced Turkey Rice Broccoli — yes sir, the hound dogs were crying after that one — while, on the other side, Salmon Bacon may have made a mistake trying to cram too many meats into a single cookie, going down to the fundamentally sound Sweet Potato Cinnamon. That set up a clash between two tastes that one might rightly conclude should be colluding as centerpiece entrees at a Thanksgiving feast in November, rather than battling it out in March. In the end, T-R-B gave the sweet potatoes the bird and flew into the Finals.

In what was probably the biggest upset in Taste-Off history, Fantasy Flavor Turkey Rice Broccoli capped off its Cinderella season, capturing the crown from Cran-Apple No-Wheat. A few people cried “Fowl!”, but the judges just gobbled up the upstart newcomer. No-Wheat was no mas, but as gracious in defeat as they had been in success. As the tournament wrapped up, the only question left unanswered was whether Turkey Rice Broccoli would leave the experimental kitchen early and go pro.

The My Doggy line up will be expanding soon, so anything is possible. Stay tuned!

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