To Taste or Not to Taste…

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You may remember that we promised in our December 24th post, “Name that Flavor,” to tackle the topic of people acting as tasters for their princely pooches. For starters, we thought we’d share this rib-tickling story sent in by one of our near and dear customers:  

“When I received my last order, the cookies smelled so terrific that I brought a small bag of them to a friend the next day for his dog to try. When I saw my friend later in the day, he filled me in on a secret. He said the cookies smelled so good that he couldn’t resist but to try them, and in fact, he ate half of the bag himself! 

Mind you — this is a fit man! I laughed hysterically. To make sure his dog got what it deserved, I gave my friend the name of the company, My Doggy, and the and URL of its website so he could order more treats.   

I went back to see him again last weekend, and he told me he ordered a bag of Peanut Butter for the dog, and A BAG OF CRANBERRY FOR HIMSELF!!! Oh my! I thought you needed to hear this hilarious story.”   

Of course, we would never endorse the eating of My Doggy Soft-Baked Cookies by anyone or anything except our doggies, your doggies, or their doggies — even though they’re made from only the very best and safest ingredients known to human and canine alike. But, if you’re a taster, more power to you!

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