Toby the Speed Skater Returns as Toby the Elf!

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As previously announced, Toby won My Doggy’s October drawing by having his human pal, Kelli, send us a photo of him dressed as a speed skater. We sent Toby five Holiday Mix treats. Upon receiving the Holiday Mix bags, Toby dropped the speed skater charade and has revealed his true personality. Toby is an Elf. Kelli says, “AWESOME~PAWSOME! Thank you SOOOOOOO much for our cookies!!! “Da Boys” love your cookies SO MUCH and of course give their paws of approval. Toby here is hoarding them all for himself, but I told him he must share them with his brothers.”

Hmmm. Will Toby the Elf be delivering any treats to your house? Better order some Holiday Mix yours-elf, so that you can join the elf brigade and present cookies to good little doggys!

Thank you for the pictures, Kelly! Visit our Facebook page and you’ll be able to get to know Toby paw-sonally.

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