My Doggy Wall of Winners

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Contest 1: Inaugural Caption Contest

Ilona B. won our first caption contest with her funny, fishy pun. She received a 2 lb. bag of Peanut Butter Cookies.

caption contest image of a dog in a boat

“Do you think they make MyFishy (Fin of Approval) Treats?”

Contributed by Ilona B.

Contest 2: Finish the Joke

Congratulations, Linda R! In addition to everlasting fame on our wall or winners, Linda received a 2 lb. bag of Peanut Butter Cookies.

Text: Bark! Bark! Who's There? Image: two dogs peering through an open door

-It’s UPS with all our favorites!

-You Irish?

I’m not Irish!

Looks like we got lucky anyway!!!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Contributed by Linda R.

Contest 3: Guess How Many My Doggy Cookies in the Jar

photo of cookie jar

How many cookies?

Our customer sent in their guesses for how many cookies are in the jar (with one hint: the number is between 1 and 500). Ilona B. got the exact right number at 108! She received a 2 lb. bag of Cran-Apple Cookies.

Contest 4: Share your dog’s photo with the My Doggy family!

Congratulations to Tzeyu, Janice, and Lori for winning our photo contest. They each received a 10oz bag of My Doggy Peanut Butter treats. Thank you to everyone who submitted photos! Check out the others and submit your own here!