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We’re glad, and we sure your dog(s), are really glad you discovered us and we wish you  a warm and hearty My Doggy welcome! The Bark Box (www.barkbox.com) is a great way to have new toys and treats delivered to your dog every month. We are thrilled to be a part of it.

Your dog(s) enjoyed one of our paws-down favorite flavors this month, Dried Cranberry Apple Honey – No Wheat, a treat with two tasty fruits in one single sumptuous cookie. But, wait! There’s more — much, much more.

Over 18 years of scientific and pseudo-scientific studies — using reams and reams of data, not to mention numerous testimonials, and subjected to the most advanced quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques available to us — have reached an inescapable conclusion: Once a dog has tasted one of our all-natural, soft-baked cookies, it’s going to be hooked (in a good way, of course)! It’s going to want more. Fortunately, “more” doesn’t have to be more of the same. Any of our seven other flavors are sure to find favor with your dog(s).

To satisfy your dog’s craving for My Doggy treats and offer it a bit of variety, we sell multi-packs of all eight flavors mixed together or individually in single-flavor packages. Packages can be purchased in a number of sizes.

The 10 oz. size is a great way to sample a new flavor.

The 2 lb. size is very good to have around for the regular rewarding of good behavior.

The 5 lb. size, currently the largest size that we offer, is perfect for regular and frequent treating (but, not too frequent) and is plenty to share with your dog’s BFFs and acquaintances.

That’s “treat,” not “eat.” These cookies are a supplement, not a substitute for regular dog food.   For a limited time, i.e. this year’s holiday season, we have a 5 oz. Holiday Sampler. It’s a mix of all eight of our flavors in a perfect stocking-stuffer-sized package.

Thanks for trying our treats. We encourage you to try our other flavors. When you do, we think your dog(s) will thank you, again and again!

The My Doggy Team

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