Why is Pumpkin Purée Part of a Healthy Canine Diet?

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It’s November, so we’re moving along from carved pumpkins to canned pumpkin. Canned pumpkin is not just for pies, it makes a good canned dog food, too!

Pumpkin is good for a dog’s digestive tract. It’s naturally high in fiber, so it helps to cure canine constipation. On the flip side of the coin, if your dog’s stool is too loose, the fiber absorbs some of the excess moisture.
It works both ways: to help them go and to firm up stools. Both Pumpkin and sweet potatoes are highly recommended by veterinarians to aid in digestion and for overall canine health.

If your dog’s digestive tract is doing OK, pumpkin can still be of benefit. We have all met a few lovable mutts that are carrying around a few extra puppy pounds. By replacing a bit of its usual meal with pumpkin, the fiber makes a dog feel full even though it’s actually been placed on a low calorie diet. Just replace about a quarter of your dog’s regular food with pumpkin. He’ll eat it and he’ll never know anything’s different.

Make sure you’re feeding your dog plain pumpkin. The sugar and spices added to canned pumpkin pie mix are not canine-friendly and will counteract the benefits of pumpkin. Your dog doesn’t need the extra additives.

My Doggy Soft-Baked Cookies come in a Pumpkin Carob flavor, but I won’t suggest that you use it as an aid in any weight loss program. Mind the moderation and use them as intended — as tasty treats for your favorite four-legged companion.

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  1. Dogs I Love says:

    I love DIY dried pumpkins for my foster dogs especially when they are in season and when they are especially cheap!


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