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A year ago, around Halloween quite coincidentally, we held a canine in costume contest and awarded a bag of My Doggy Soft-Baked Cookies to Toby, who managed to get himself dressed up as a speed skater. It may have been the fact that 2014 was a winter olympics year that determined the nature of his outfit, but some of us suspect that his owners were inspired by having one of those dogs that have difficulty getting good traction on slippery floors.

The results of a speedster like Toby trying to cut corners can be quite spectacular — reminiscent of the wipeouts we see in speed skating, particularly in the short track version of the sport, which sometimes looks more like a demolition derby.

Enter the contest to win a bag or two of Mini Treats by sending us a photo or video of your dog’s best trick!

This year, we want to reward the tricksters in our reading audience. Therefore, we’ll be sending a prize to the dog that can perform the best trick. If your dog can beat the high standard set by “Moose,” the chief taste tester of our Board of Approvers, who can sit (on command, mind you!) and not much else, then your dog will definitely be in the running. Send a picture, or a video if it is a really fantastic trick, and you could win a bag or two of our newest treats.

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